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Cliffs & Oceans: a devotional

Dear readers, it's been a while. Thank you for your views and comments on my blog over the time I was inactive, and also your encouragement to return. I have a few blogs prepped and ready to go, and plan to release them over the next several weeks. As a first-in-a-while post, I have a devotional that I penned in personal prayer time from about a year ago. I hope it blesses you. I called it, "Cliffs & Oceans". I hope you enjoy! "Cliffs & Oceans" I remember being a boy and learning to swim. My dad taught me in a pool in our backyard: an enclosed, controlled environment ... and that's all wrong. It’s all wrong because swimming in pools is quite a different matter from swimming in an ocean. Indoor or outdoor pools have no currents, but oceans do. Oceans also have living, biological things in them: fish, algae, even sharks – entities I will never encounter in the safety of a pool. Mind you, pools are fun to swim in, but there is no danger around you. Also