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You can't preach there!

I've traveled and preached now, full-time, for over 7 years. There are some parts of traveling ministry that are soul-energizing and very encouraging. Other aspects can be challenging to witness, much less talk about publicly - this is one of those, but I would like to share it with you. There exist a handful of preachers throughout Pentecost who believe in revival, baptize souls in Jesus name, teach consecration, disciple new converts ... and hate their brothers. I suppose this shouldn't surprise us - we're all imperfect sons and daughters of God, being perfected by The Only One who *is* perfect! I'm not shocked that there are ministers who have a few rough corners that God is still in the process of smoothing. The strange part begins when an evangelist is scheduled by such a minister to come and preach a revival. Traveling ministers do not typically jump into local disputes among ministry - in fact, I strongly advise any traveling minister NOT to begin monologuing abo