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A tale of 2 saints

Once upon a time,  there were 2 Apostolic Pentecostal people. They were faithful members of a church. The 1st saint had many problems in their life, but they were honest about them. If one were to ask, they would admit readily that they relied upon the grace and mercy of God. Also, this 1st church member strongly desired God's guidance and repair in their personal situations. Translation : they needed their pastor's help a good amount, as well as the prayers and advice of other ministers in their home church. The 2nd saint was in many ways very similar to the 1st: they also had many problems in their life. However, there was 1 key difference - they  hid them! This 2nd saint kept all of their issues and needs buried and refused to ask for help. To repeat, this 2nd person had just as many issues, they just wouldn't ask for prayer or seek their pastor's counsel. Which saint was right? The answer is obvious: the 1st saint - the one who asked for help. One doesn't have

Let's talk about Dinah

Years ago, I decided to read through the Book of Genesis: it was the first Bible book that I read start-to-finish. About two-thirds of the way through, I encountered a story that, in my teenage life (at that time), I had positively never heard preached or taught. It was shocking, and not a kids' story at all - and that's an understatement. This story's main figure was DINAH, the only daughter of Jacob the patriarch that is mentioned in the scriptures. For those unfamiliar with her story, I encourage you to stop reading this post, pick up your nearest Bible and read Genesis chapter 34 (or, click here to read Genesis 34 in the KJV ). I could discuss the many surprising matters that occur, but let me focus in specifically on the central character in consideration: Dinah, herself. NOT a sinner That's the first bit we have to be clear on. At no point is she pictured as a sinful or wayward girl. To me, this is the perplexing part. By all measures, she was a good daughter, an

The Day that God made Bigfoot

Once upon a time ... I was seeking God, and praying for a miracle in a certain circumstance. The thing about deep personal prayers is that we pray many of them for so long, that we're surprised when God actually responds in the affirmative. In prayer, I felt God impress me that He would bring a miracle, answering my prayer. At first I was happy. But then, to be very honest, I was a little perplexed. After praying on this matter for a while, I wasn't actually ready for a "yes" from God: I wonder if there are seasons where God actually wants to tell us "yes", but we're wrapped up in our questions and unprepared for God's answers? I responded to The Lord as I always wish to - I thanked Him and offered praise for this, but then I went back into prayer. I needed some kind of reassurance. I prayed, "God, I believe you. But THIS prayer being answered would be like me finding Bigfoot. I need confirmation to make sure I got this right." Note : NEVER