Pastors Speak to Evangelists!

Over the past several months, I have accumulated a number of quotations from Pastors across the USA. They have a lot to say to current evangelists, and I would like to pass along their advice. These are unedited. Enjoy!

"Build up the Pastor and his family. You don’t know what they’re going through in private."

"Don’t feel pressure for people to receive the Holy Ghost. You could be doing a lot more than you realize."

"Be available for fellowship. You wouldn't believe the number of visiting ministers who are gone as soon as service is over, and don't want to be bothered."

"Certain subjects are pastoral; be aware of this. Stay within your scope."

"Respect privacy and respect discretion, when it comes to matters discussed between yourself and the ministry."

"Don’t let the Pastor dictate the sermon. Bring what GOD puts on you!"

"Many of us are hesitant to place a visiting preacher in the pulpit because of past experiences. It’s not personal. We have been burned before, and had to deal with the consequences of new converts and wounded souls leaving the church because of unwise statements. Be careful what you say in the pulpit - souls are at stake!"

"If you the evangelist want people to shout and worship with you while you’re preaching, you should shout & worship with them during the Song service! Also if someone else is preaching, don’t sit down - respond like you would want them to respond.

"Don’t expect to blow the doors off the place unless you’ve been building up to it over several services. You’re a new voice - they need to get used to your voice in the pulpit. Evangelism is a marathon not a sprint."

"Make sure you, as an evangelist, keep a good name in the community. You are representing The Pentecostal Church from the restaurant to the hotel."

"Walk softly before God (which is to say, look at where you place your feet). Place your feet in the footprints of the men of God before you."

"I look for an evangelist who’ll get under the load with me. Help carry The Pastor’s load while you’re there."

"Don’t just call a pastor to have a place to preach. Call to tell me how you’re doing. Have that contact with the Pastor, not just to fill your schedule."

"I hate it when an evangelist preaches to ME and NOT to my people. I may not need it, but my people DEFINITELY need it!"

"As a courtesy to your host, ask before you post video and/or sound bytes of the service. It is impossible to capture the full scope of the church's mission in 30 seconds. A potential attendee observing the post may find the clip to be distasteful when not blended with the service in it's entirety. Allow the church to choose what the want posted for all to see."


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