Dreams & Reality

Every so often I have bad dreams. Dangers all around me. Dinosaurs in the back yard. Robbers bursting through the front door. Loved ones gone and I'm unable to locate them.

When I awake, I realize these images and events were not real. They are unrestricted fears manifesting in my sleeping hours. Scary illusions from my own mind.

In this blog post, I explore a situation like these nightmares. Something jarring, but ultimately not to be feared.

Your Nightmarish Condition
God is a Spirit, and so are we. However, our spirit is encased in a body of flesh. We interact with the world around us through the 5 senses. We feel with our bodies and think with our minds.

But there are those of us who have a disconnect between the 2 - the mind and the body. We call these individuals mental patients. Psychological case studies. The insane.

I have a personal question about the mentally troubled - do they know they are not right? That they are in need of psychiatric or psychological care?

Do they believe they are fine, while the world around them is an absolute madhouse? In other words, do they think *they* are the sane ones and EVERYONE ELSE is crazy ???

In a sense, an insane person is trapped in a waking nightmare - a bad dream in which EVERYTHING is crazy, and the sane person deep down inside of them cannot process the madness of their surroundings. The senseless world viewed through the broken lens of the lunatic. The inwardly reasonable man sees a continually unreasonable environment, not understanding it's not the world that is crazy but themself. They have a broken lens, so to speak, and the world is out of focus.

Dream-states of Sin

I wonder if this is the predicament of the sinner. Does the sinner have a disconnect between reality and perception? Do they act wrongly, and remain unaware of their sinfulness?

Does the madman know they are mad? Sometimes not. Even several counseling sessions later they may ask their psychologist why no one seems to understand them or comprehend what they describe around them. They are unaware of their madness.

Does the hardened criminal know they have committed crimes worthy of punishment? Not always. Sometimes they go to prison with full knowledge they are guilty and fully confident they have done nothing wrong. They saw no error in theft, cheating, violence, or even the murder they have done. They feel their sin is JUSTIFIABLE! They are unaware of their criminality.

The sinner does not necessarily see their sinful condition. They are the madman arguing they are sane. They are the criminal continuing on their crime-spree. They are the dreamer STUCK in an ongoing nightmare.

How can they be awoken?

"What dreams may come"

Now and then in my sleep, I'll hear a noise in the bedroom around me. I won't fully wake up, but for that split-second I am cognizant that I am laying on my pillow on my bed. I'm not running with bulls or flying around as Superman, but I realize I am asleep and everything I currently see and experience is a dream.

Becoming aware of the dream, I understand that I need not fear any terrors of nightmares. I become *above* the condition of imagined surroundings. I now know they are temporary, and soon I will awake to a reality more real than anything my mind can come up with. All my dream-scape is fantasy, and there is something more.

This, essentially, is what takes place in Church. Those services in the House of God where the Holy Ghost begins to move ... The minutes of pure Spirit where I let go of my fleshly feelings and reach out into the beyond to listen to the Voice of The LORD ... They are my Moments of Clarity ... For a brief instant, I become aware that life around me is not the fullness of everything. There is MORE!

The sinner can rouse from the insanity of their nightmare by the awakening touch of the Master. They must EXPERIENCE His presence in a revival service. They can FEEL the brush of His Spirit in a prayer meeting or a worship song. And for that twinkling-of-an-eye, there is the knowledge that all their life before has been a bad dream. NOW for the very first time they know their sinful perception is not all there is. There is MORE!

There is a reality more real than the touch, taste, smell, hear, and see of this world. I know there is a life lived past this world. I know there is a power greater than the stars above and the earth beneath. There is a GOD who was before, and who will be after all that is in this life. I believe in the supernatural. I believe in God!


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