Finding a Needle in a Haystack

The hairy scary issue that faces you today has a solution. There is a definitive answer to the most frustrating circumstance you're dealing with. The difficult decision you have to make indeed has a correct choice.

I assure you of these.

The question is thus HOW to arrive at the right choice. What avenue do I take to arrive there? Which DOOR is the ONE for me to walk through? We've all pondered this. Today I wish to discuss a possible way in which God may help us to ARRIVE at the proper place.

Searching for the answer

Let us not take the low-hanging-fruit of "just wait" or "pray about it": we've been praying about THAT issue for a while, and waiting is something we do accept - this is not the root of the matter. What must be done?

Proverbially, our culture calls this: "Looking for the NEEDLE in the HAYSTACK".

Such a task appears tedious at best and insurmountable at worst. TO locate the tiniest of objects inside the intractable mess of everything else.

But there is actually a simple way to do this. I can locate a needle within a haystack with minimal effort in a brief time. All I have to do is ... light the haystack on fire!

That sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? But the hay is flammable. The needle is made of metal. The hay will burn away, and all that is left in the ashes is the NEEDLE, tried by fire.

It is an absurd method of locating the needle, but I feel like I have experienced this process. A burning away of what is non-essential. The crazy season in a life where everything that can be tried IS, and you wonder when it's going to end.

What if that insane and mind-wrenching time is NOT a punishment or a problem. In fact, what if that personal epoch is actually an answer to prayer: God is bringing me to the ONE option that can HELP me and BLESS me, but to get me to the needle He is removing the hay around it. To bring me to His will He is TAKING AWAY all my other possibilities.

What if the upheaval is the uplift? What if the trial by fire locates the ONE thing that can ANSWER my request?

This is a faith-declaration. From this day forward, may I believe that the fire is not a problem - that what is burned to ash is unnecessary for my future, that my direction in God is strengthened by this season, and that God is, most certainly, helping me find the needle among the hay!


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